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Denture Relines and Repair in North Edmonton


Denture repairs, relines, and soft relines are maintenance issues made necessary because of changes to the gums or unexpected accidents. . At Londonderry Denture Clinic, we offer complete denture repair services in Edmonton.


Denture Repairs

Dentures sometimes break because they are made from plastic and thus are not indestructible. In most cases, a broken denture can be repaired by using a material similar to the denture base to mend 2 broken pieces together. However, it should be noted that some patients have tried to use instant glues to facilitate their own repair. This usually results in misaligning the broken pieces, and in most cases damaging the denture beyond repair, 

resulting in the need for a new denture. So, a word of caution: if your denture breaks, take it to a qualified denturist for repair. It could mean the difference between a small expense and a large expense.

Denture Relines

Because gum ridges undergo constant change, patients who wear dentures may require relining at some point due to looseness of the denture or soreness to the ridge. Typically, once a new denture has been inserted, you should not require a reline for at least 1 ½ to 2 years, and in a lot of cases, you may not need one until it’s time to replace your dentures. There are different types of relines: direct reline, processed reline, and soft reline. The direct reline can usually be completed within ½ hour to 1 hour, while the processed reline is usually an overnight job. It is usually used for patients with a history of gum soreness or small, flat gum ridges. The cost of a reline is directly related to the reline selected by the patient after denturist recommendations.


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