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Complete Denture Services in Edmonton


Londonderry Denture Clinic is proud to offer complete denture services in Edmonton for its residents. Whether you need immediate dentures, partial or complete dentures, we provide comprehensive denture solutions in Edmonton.


Types of Dentures we offer at our clinic:

Immediate Dentures

Precision Dentures

Complete & Partial Dentures

Repair - Relines - Soft Relines


Immediate Dentures: These are complete or partial denture devices which you get on the same day. Usually these are provided when the natural teeth are removed to fit in dentures. This is easy to replicate, and the shape, color and arrangement of immediate dentures will match your natural teeth. These are molded prior to tooth extraction.

Equilibrated Dentures: These are cosmetic dentures designed on a personalized level. It is also called precision dentures. This is designed in such a way that the chewing process is carried out smoothly. These types of dentures are designed to create ideal form, function and aesthetics of the teeth.

Complete & Partial Dentures: As the name suggests, complete dentures are designed for those who have lost multiple teeth. Partial dentures are provided for those who have a few missing teeth.

Repair & Relines: Our services do not end at providing proper dentures. We also provide denture repair services for broken or damaged dentures. Relining a denture means reshaping the denture to ensure that it functions properly. It not only enhances the comfort, but restores the functions of a denture.


When you need comprehensive denture services in Edmonton all under a single roof, reach out to us and get quality services.


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For complete information about replacement dentures make an appointment for a free consultation with the denturist, or ask for a brochure dealing with the types of treatment and costs by calling 780-476-2529.


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Don't suffer another moment with ill-fitting dentures For complete denture services in Edmonton, contact us for an appointment!



Don't suffer another moment with ill-fitting dentures. Contact us for an appointment!

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