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Reliable Immediate Dentures in North Edmonton

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Immediate Dentures

When natural teeth can no longer be saved and extractions are necessary, this denture is placed into the mouth immediately after the extractions are completed.


An immediate denture is the first denture a patient will receive. It is constructed to replace the loss of natural teeth from the upper, lower, or both arch and is inserted immediately after the dentist removes the natural teeth. Naturally, any loss of your natural teeth is regrettable, but it happens to many of us. 

Fortunately, dental technology has come a long way in the past 2 or 3 decades, and today’s denturist uses only the finest materials and modern equipment when making your denture.

Here are some advantages to having your dentures placed immediately:


•  The patient can usually carry on business and social obligations without interruption.

•  Immediate dentures control bleeding and swelling and act as a splint.

•  Protect the gum ridges from trauma and outside sources.

•  Allows the patient to adapt to the new dentures while healing takes place with marginal discomfort.


For top-notch immediate dentures in North Edmonton, look no further. Our immediate dentures are expertly crafted to provide comfort and functionality right after extractions. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


Getting Used to Your Immediate Dentures


You must see your denturist either the same day or the next day after insertion, depending on how you feel, to assess the new placement. You should not remove the dentures for at least 24 to 48 hours after extractions, then remove and clean the dentures with mild soapy water or a denture cleaner and rinse the mouth with a warm salt water solution to promote healing. Expect some swelling and discomfort, and take any medication that is prescribed. Initially, a diet of softer foods is highly recommended, as is chewing slowly and allowing yourself time to adjust to eating with your new dentures. It will take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks for the extraction sites to heal sufficiently. During this time, the denture will start to feel like it is getting quite loose. Adjustments are often necessary, along with temporary liners, to make the denture feel secure and comfortable. Only when tissue has completely healed (which may take anywhere from 6 months to a year) should a permanent reline be done since the severity of the healing process varies from patient to patient. The cost of a permanent reline is not included in the price of the dentures.


Reach Out to Us


If you're learning about dentures for the first time, the team at Londonderry Denture Clinic is here to support you every step. We understand that getting accustomed to dentures can come with questions and concerns, and we're dedicated to addressing them with care and expertise.

Our clinic specializes in immediate dentures in North Edmonton, ensuring you receive prompt and efficient care. Whether you're seeking guidance on adjusting to your new dentures or have queries about their maintenance, our denturists are ready to provide personalized assistance tailored to your needs.

Feel free to call us at 780-476-2529 to schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have about your immediate dentures. 


Process of Getting Immediate Dentures

The process of getting immediate dentures in North Edmonton is as follows:


  • Preparation phase (one to two months before extraction): Before your tooth extraction, our skilled denturists will meticulously take several impressions of your mouth during multiple visits. These impressions function as the foundation for crafting your personalized, immediate dentures. Our attention to detail during this phase guarantees a comfortable fit and natural-looking appearance for your new dentures.

  • Extraction day: On the day of your tooth extraction, you'll experience seamless care at Londonderry Denture Clinic. After removing your teeth, your immediate dentures will be expertly inserted, providing aesthetic appeal and functionality. Our team prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction throughout this process, ensuring a positive experience.

  • Initial adjustment period: During the first day with your immediate dentures, it's normal to feel soreness and discomfort as your mouth accommodates the new prosthetic. Our compassionate staff will provide guidance and support to alleviate pain and help you adapt to wearing your dentures comfortably.

  • First few weeks: As you wear your immediate dentures, any initial soreness and discomfort will gradually diminish. Our team will closely observe your progress and address any concerns you may have during follow-up appointments. 

  • Transition to permanent dentures: When the time is right, we will facilitate the transition to your permanent dentures. Our denturists will take precise impressions of your mouth to create custom-made permanent dentures that fit perfectly and enhance your smile. 

Call us today to learn more about our immediate dentures service in North Edmonton.


Don't suffer another moment with ill-fitting dentures. Contact us for an appointment!

Are You Looking for Quality Immediate Dentures in North Edmonton?

At Londonderry Denture Clinic, we offer a wide range of denture services that suit all your needs.

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