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Reliable Dentures in North Edmonton


Experience is the difference. With over 35 years in the business, our office is dedicated to providing a personalized, custom service for each of our patients that focuses on quality and comfort at a very competitive cost. Located in northeast Edmonton, Londonderry Denture Clinic has been in business since 1976, with branch offices located in Whitecourt and Lamont. We offer a variety of services which include standard dentures, surgical dentures, precision dentures, relines and repairs. Using the most current techniques and materials, we have provided professional and courteous denture services to thousands of satisfied patients. Our staff includes two licensed denturists who are regulated members of the College of Alberta Denturists.


Mel Lucyshyn, Denturist

Growing up in northeast Edmonton, Mel tried a number of different jobs before graduating from the Denturist program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 1973. He began his career working as an intern at Wasson Denture Clinic under the supervision of Jack Katz, who was one of the founding members of The Alberta Denturist Society. Mel employed the skills and techniques he learned from Mr. Katz and went on to gain his licence and start the company he now owns. Two of Mel’s sons have gone on to become denturists, making the Londonderry Denture Clinic a family business. Mel enjoys most sports and the outdoors, and when not at work, he likes to relax by getting together with family and friends.


Russell Lucyshyn, Denturist

Russell Lucyshyn graduated from the NAIT Denturist program in 2003. He joined Londonderry Denture Clinic as an intern and became a licensed denturist in 2005. He endeavours to provide the best possible care for his patients and looks forward to taking over the business in the future. Russell enjoys sports, movies and is something of a computer whiz.


Caring and Experienced Team

At Londonderry Denture Clinic, our experienced dentist will take care of your dental health needs in a personalized and caring atmosphere. We start by carrying out a thorough assessment of your dental problems. After considering your dental issues and taking into account your overall health conditions, we can advise you on the best dental treatments and remedies for you. We strive to provide a consistently high level of service to our clients. With our client-focused approach and attention to every small detail, we have emerged as the trusted denture clinic in North Edmonton. Get in touch with our denturists for more information on our denture services in North Edmonton.


Onsite Denture Lab

Our trained cosmetic dentists can customize your dentures exactly as per your needs. After taking your measurements, we create your dentures with a high level of precision and accuracy. Our onsite denture lab is equipped with high-end technology that allows us to provide you with quality dentures without any unnecessary delays so that you can enjoy all your favourite foods and smile confidently.


Mobile Denture Services

Given the current circumstances, we can understand if you do not want to step out for dental services. Our mobile denture services ensure that you can avail high-quality denture services at your home. From performing a complete dental inspection to taking precise measurements, we can provide you with a range of dental services at your home through our mobile dental vans. Contact us to know more.


Know Your Financing Options

We are a value-driven business committed to ensuring optimal dental health for you and your family. We provide our clients with high-quality dentures in North Edmonton with easy finance options to ensure that their oral health problems are addressed without any delay. Get more information about our dentures in North Edmonton.

Reliable Dentures in North Edmonton

Londonderry Denture Clinic is your trusted dental centre for high-quality dentures in North Edmonton.

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