Equilibrated Denture Services in Edmonton


The face bow equilibrated denture is for the patient who demands the best in denture technology, while still being quite affordable. More detail from multiple impressions helps to achieve the best possible reproduction of your gum ridges. The use of mechanical devices such as the face bow and tracing unit allow us to record the measurements and transfer them to an adjustable articulator. This technique will optimize function while eating. It best mimics the natural jaw movement and requires exact configuration of teeth so that the teeth interdigitate (bite together and move in harmony). With the patient’s help, selection of both shape and colour are tailored specifically for the patient. The use of instrumentation requires more appointments and more detail in order to recreate your natural smile and maximize your natural chewing efficiency.

For complete information on equilibrated dentures make an appointment for a free consultation with the denturist, or ask for a brochure dealing with the types of treatment and costs by calling 780-476-2529.


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